In Memoriam, Mike Loveless, Founder

The Michael Loveless Scholarship Fund was set up to honor our founder and inventor of the Loveless Ash Vacuum who died in a plane wreck on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008. Contributions can be sent to:
c/o – College of Eastern Utah, phone: (435) 637-5000.

Mike and his wife Colleen started Loveless Ash in 1988, and over the next 20 years watched their business grow from a garage start-up to an industry leader that sells products all over the world. Mike was the inventor of the ash vacuum and an array of other patented products sold under the Loveless Ash and Dustless Technologies brand names.

Mike would often take pride in telling how the Loveless Ash Vacuum was invented. Colleen inspired him by commenting on how cleaning out the fireplace was such a difficult and dirty job. Born to invent, and aiming to please his wife, Mike rose to the challenge and patched together a large, unwieldy unit, borrowing parts and pieces from anything he could lay his hands on. It worked, and people started to take notice. Soon Mike and Colleen were selling units at local fairs. The demand grew, and of course, the design became much more sophisticated over the years. The rest is a classic tale of the great American entrepreneur.

Mike had an infectious smile and a warm, genuine quality that made him a joy to be around. Those of us who knew him considered ourselves privileged to have a man of such high moral standards and grace in our lives. Above all, Mike was a loving husband, dedicated father and proud grandfather. He leaves behind his wife, Colleen; son, Spencer (Marcy); daughter, Mikaleen (Jake) Mellor; and two beautiful grandchildren, Andrew and Monson.

Mike Loveless Collage

The Love-Less Ash Company manufactures dustless ash vacuums and accessories for cleaning fireplaces, wood stoves and grills with "no mess".

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